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Exclusive Single
Lisa Miles featuring Ger Egan
Electric Violin & Vox

A piece conceived & composed on electroviolin September '16 (never released), transformed by unique collaboration with Berlin-based Ger Egan of renowned dark post-punk/ gothic bands This Burning Effigy, Vol Distil and October Burns Black.


released August 31, 2018
Violins- Lisa
Lyrics, Vocals- Ger
Mixing- Ger
Mastering, Production- Lisa & Ger

Image credit- Michael Beechinor


In anger, she swept in like the wolf (silence the lies)
a fraction, a fraction...

Semblance and never in deference
The sunrise spewed its indifference across the tundra (a fraction, a fraction, silence, silence)

Over to the moment to believe in the sons of god and the sons of man and the sons of all things we did not know and then, lost it all

Taking on the world, taking on the world ,taking on the world, taking on the world. (Silence the lies)

Lay indifferent... burn through the world in every chance
(drifting through this nether to your place)

You say there’s a difference

Broke a line before the wall, there’s a seam through all the senses that became you. I never knew a moment as lost and lonely as you (silence the lies)

(silence the lies)
Here we go, you said!
His world clamps its feet round your insides,
yet she came and seems indifferent,
spoken, a chance to deny;
falling insane, falling insane...

how can you forgive me

a fraction, a fraction never seen before

I see a truth...
brought tragedy in through the evergreen...
brought down the world, ceased to become

and we feel and we feel and we feel...
and we feel a fraction of light n the soul...
at the light of the dreams that we fail

a mere fraction of light, a mere fraction of life

This moment taut, deformed in the ceiling.
That we dreamed that we walked
and we’ve called all the moments
that now we can live in the torment.

A mere fraction of light. (silence)
Loud through the words of the seekers and then we can draw parallel designs... Never war!

How... this world that comes at you that you can not see?

A fraction, a fraction, silence, silence...
Silence the lies
(It took a moment to find the waters)
the worlds that you see through your innocence...
lept back behind the sight of your insides
falling down walls, falling down here
all that will come, all that you'll hear

Floundering a drift in the water!
Then the sea of trees that belong in the nothing!
Dreamless the sense of a fire in the water, if nothing?
A fraction, a fraction...
A fraction, a fraction...
I can’t believe you!
A fraction of your life behind these disguises you move through the world.

I won’t believe you!
Drawn lies between your eyes, again (sickle plans & sycophants)
You say you forgive me!
You say there’s forgiveness!
A black hollow juts through your eyes!

(Silence the lies)
This fraction, this fraction, this life...
This fraction, this fraction, this life...
This fraction, this fraction, this life tears me away.

(Broken in light of this)

The sunrise spewed indifferently across the tundra. Vermillion the backdrop and amber powder petals whisper delicately across this vast shadow, animating this barren sea

The sunrise spewed indifferently across the tundra. A backdrop of cinnabar powder petals
whisper clumsily across this vast tendril shadow. Animating the sequence!

A fraction, A fraction
I don’t believe you
Silence the lies

Broken in light of this!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

more on Ger's work:
October Burns Black:
"Fault Line" EP: octoberburnsblack.bandcamp.com

Vol Distil:
"Berlin Dublin": youtube.com/watch?v=48uPty2_fwk

This Burning Effigy:
"Nothing More Sacred Than Apathy": youtube.com/watch?v=CyE7oAsjjq8&list=PLdcAHFyuMyiqwTOfoGn2vWH2l860FbIqq&index=16

"An Untold Release": youtube.com/watch?v=g1H8oNIHLyA&index=2&list=PLdcAHFyuMyiqwTOfoGn2vWH2l860FbIqq

Background on "Fraction":
A piece conceived & composed on electroviolin two years prior, “Fraction” is an Exclusive Single with Berlin-based Ger Egan (of renowned dark post-punk/ gothic bands This Burning Effigy and current-day October Burns Black).

The composition was significant, yet needed another 'voice.' (Only I was thinking instrumentation, not literal.) Ger wasn't content to just accompany my electric string sound. Instead, he dug deep into the content behind the work, figuring out the emotions and responding as an artist of great depth.

I am indebted for the spirit he put into this piece of music, which quite clearly became a very mutual composition by the time he had his intense say with it. And honored to offer it was he who made approach for collaboration after responding to my original music immediately upon listen (Dec '16). Other work together is in development, one in particular as a follow-up to "Fraction."


all rights reserved



Lisa Miles / LisaMilesViolin Pennsylvania

Gorgeous-but-deadly electric violin, mandolin. Classically trained, steeped in post-punk underground. Gothic, Dark PostPunk, Dark Classical. Influences: Swans, Bauhaus, early Cure, Nick Cave, Crime/City Solution, Joy D, Clash... Shostakovich. Solo releases and other collaborations here. Other compositions and performance work w/partner Vladimir Munoz in band JESUCRISIS at jesucrisis.bandcamp.com ... more

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